SMH Meaning

SMH Meaning
SMH Meaning

SMHstands for “shake my head.

What does SMH mean?

“SMH” stands for “Shaking My Head.” It’s commonly used online to show disbelief or disapproval. People type “SMH” to react to something surprising or disappointing. Shaking My Head: used, For Example, when something appears in text messages or on social media that you don’t agree with or don’t believe.

Where did SMH come from?

SMH is a word (like NATO, radar, or laser) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or significant parts of a compound term; also, an acronym formed from initial letters—what some would insist is an initialism. Others, however, would allow it to be described as an acronym. SMH (“shaking my damn head”) and “scratching my head” are two examples of variants.

When is SMH used?

Another person may reply “smh” to show their displeasure with the speaker’s remarks if they say something exceptionally stupid or unpleasant.
Alternatively, someone may use “smh” to indicate dissatisfaction with a circumstance or choice they disagree with. In casual or online conversation, “smh” is a common way to convey disapproval of someone or something on social media.

How to discuss the usage of the SMH slang phrase with your kids

Starting a talk with your teenager regarding touchy subjects can be challenging.
Here are some ideas for how to introduce the subject of adolescent slang:

  • I’m curious about the text abbreviations you and your friends use. It used to be very usual to say OMG.
  • Which initials are used by you and your friends to convey shock?
  • Keeping up with the meanings of text abbreviations can take time and effort. Even if you’re unsure what they imply, do you ever use initials just because you see them used a lot?
  • Which text acronym, in your opinion, is the funniest? Why?
  • Which acronym do you most frequently use, and why?


Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
SMH Shake My Head Silly / Embarrassing


Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes


Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
Shake My Head / Shaking My Head Shake My Head / Shaking My Head


Year it began trending Primary community
2011 Text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “SMH, I can’t believe he said that during the meeting.”
    Emotion: Disbelief
    Intention: Expressing surprise or astonishment at someone’s statement or behaviour
  • “SMH at the way she treated her friend.”
    Emotion: Disapproval
    Intention: Conveying a sense of disappointment or disapproval towards someone’s behaviour.
  • “She didn’t even apologize after what happened. SMH.”
    Emotion: Frustration
    Intention: Indicating frustration or exasperation with someone’s lack of remorse or accountability.
  • “SMH, why would they make such a decision?”
    Emotion: Confusion
    Intention: Expressing confusion or bewilderment regarding a particular decision or action.
  • “I can’t believe I forgot my keys again. SMH.”
    Emotion: Self-criticism
    Intention: Self-deprecatingly acknowledging one’s forgetfulness or mistake.

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