NPC Meaning

NPC Meaning
NPC Meaning

“NPC” stands for “Non-Player Character.”

What does NPC mean?

NPC stands for “Non-Player Character.”. In video games and tabletop role-playing games, an NPC refers to any character controlled by the game or dungeon master rather than a player. NPCs can serve various roles within the game world, including providing quests, offering information, or acting as adversaries for the player characters to interact with. They help enrich the game environment and storyline, giving depth and context to the player’s experience.

How is NPC (Non-Player Character) used on social media?

In online chats or debates, people often use the term “NPC” to mock or belittle someone’s ideas. It implies that the person is like a non-player character in a video game, just repeating lines without real thinking.

It’s worth remembering that using “NPC” as an insult can lead to arguments online. It’s better to have polite and positive conversations, even when we disagree with others.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
NPC Non-player Character Confrontational


Safe for work Safe for children
No Yes


Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning Tick Tok
Non-player Character Non-player Character Non-player Character


Year it began trending Primary community
2022 Social media
  • “I’m tired of being treated like an NPC in my own life.”
    Emotion: Frustration
    Intention: Conveys a sense of insignificance or lack of control over one’s circumstances.
  • “The NPC dialogue in this game is fascinating.”
    Emotion: Appreciative
    Intention: Complimenting the quality of writing for non-player characters in video games.
  • “In politics, some people are treated like NPCs.”
    Emotion: Critical
    Intention: Criticising certain individuals’ lack of influence or voice in political systems.
  • “She’s like an NPC, always saying the same things.”
    Emotion: Exasperation
    Intention: Expressing annoyance with someone’s repetitive behavior or speech.
  • “I’m going to role-play as an NPC in our game.”
    Emotion: Playful
    Intention: Playfully suggesting participation as a non-player character in a tabletop game. 

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