WGAT Meaning

WGAT Meaning
WGAT Meaning

WGATmeans “who gives a toss.”

What does WGAT mean?

It signifies “who gives a toss,” which is similar to expressing “Who cares?”
For instance, if a friend mentions, “Did you know your mom was at the restaurant last night?” and someone responds with “WGAT!” indicating a lack of interest or concern. or It means “I don’t really care.”
Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
WGAT Who gives a toss Careless
Safe for work Safe for children
No Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “WGAT! She’s free to spend time with others.”
    Emotion: Nonchalant
    Intention: Conveying indifference towards the situation.
  • “I guess if they’re inclined to do so, let them proceed. WGAT!”
    Emotion: Frustration
    Intention: Expressing discontent towards the situation.

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