WDYLL Meaning

WDYLL Meaning
WDYLL Meaning

“WDYLL” stands for “What do you look like?”

What does WDYLL mean?

The letters “WDYLL” stand for “What do you look like?” It’s used when chatting online on platforms like chat rooms, Snapchat, Discord, or others where people can’t see each other. It’s a common phrase in online conversations.
Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
WDYLL What do you look like? Inquisitive
Safe for work Safe for children
No No

Examples and other meanings

  • “Hey, WDYLL? Can you describe yourself?” Emotion: Curiosity Intention: Asking someone to describe their appearance when chatting online, as they can’t see each other.
  • “I’ve never met you in person. WDYLL?” Emotion: Interest Intention: Showing interest in the appearance of someone they’ve only interacted with online.
  • “I’m imagining what you look like based on your voice. WDYLL?” Emotion: Imagination Intention: Expressing curiosity about someone’s appearance after hearing their voice online.

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