TTM Meaning

TTM meaning
TTM meaning


TTMstands for “talk to me.”

What does TTM mean?

In informal communication, “TTM” is often used as an abbreviation for “talk to me.” It’s typically used to request a conversation or to ask someone to communicate with you. For instance, if a friend says, “Hey, how are you? TTM In your response, you may mention your plans for the day or what you’d like to do with them.





Talk to me


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  • “Feeling a bit down tonight. Can you TTM?”
    Emotion: Vulnerability
    Context: Expressing a need for emotional support or someone to talk to during a difficult time.
  • “Hey, TTM when you get a chance. I have something important to discuss.” Emotion: Urgency
    Context: Requesting a conversation to address a pressing or significant matter.
  • “No, I don’t want him to TTM anymore!”
    Emotion: Frustration
    Intention: Not wanting a person to talk to them anymore
  •  “I miss you so much. Can’t wait to see you. TTM, please.”
    Emotion: Longing
    Context: Expressing a desire for communication and connection with a loved one who is far away.
  • “Don’t TTM right now. I can’t!”
    Emotion: Annoyed
    Intention: Wanting to let the person know that they can’t talk right now

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