<3 Meaning

What Does Heart Mean on Social Media
What Does Heart Mean on Social Media

<3 stands for a sideways heart. Something saying “love.”

What does <3 mean?

The symbol “<3” typically represents a heart and is commonly used in electronic communication to convey love, affection, or friendship. It’s a shorthand way of expressing positive emotions towards someone or something. In essence, it’s like sending a virtual hug or a symbol of endearment. It’s an ascii art or emoji that’s utilised as a slanted heart. It’s usually a response to something incredibly adorable or encouraging.
Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
<3 Love Affectionate
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “You know how much I <3 you right?”
    Emotion: Affectionate
    Intention: Substituting the word ‘love’ with a sideways heart symoolizes affection.
  • “<3 u, boo boo!”
    Emotion: Love
    Intention: Conveying love and affection through text using the heart symbol.

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