RLY Meaning

RLY Meaning
RLY Meaning

“RLY” stands for “really”

What does RLY mean?

It means “really,” but often with some hint of sarcasm in the message.
For instance, one friend might say, “Yeah, I aced the test!” And the other friend might respond, “O RLY! I didn’t expect that to happen, HaHa!”
Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
RLY Really Positive / Affirmation
Safe for work Safe for children
No Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “O RLY ! You thought we wouldn’t go today, huh!?” Emotion: Silly Intention: Showing that what the person said seems a bit silly.
  • “RLY? I remember them saying they wanted to go!” Emotion: Curious Intention: Adding more information to the situation and expressing thoughts in the conversation.

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