ONB Meaning

ONB Meaning
ONB Meaning

Popular slang on the text and social media, “ONB“, typically means “old news bro,” “outward nose breath,” or “on bro.” Below, we’ll define each of these terms in detail and provide examples of how to apply them.

What does ONB mean?

“ONB” stands for “On Bro.” which is an informal expression used to encourage or support someone, similar to saying “Let’s go” or “You got this.” It’s often used among friends or peers to express solidarity or enthusiasm. This slang term usually describes trust or sincerity in texts and social media. This meaning is also commonly used on Snapchat.

Another meaning of ONB is “outward nose breath.”Usually, this meaning is used in place of LOL (laughing out loud). This abbreviation can express laughter or convey things like “I’m laughing so hard right now!” ONB can mean something similar to when you’re trying not to laugh, and all the air escapes your nose.This abbreviation is most frequently seen on TikTok.

The acronym ONB might often mean “old news bro.”In the context where “ONB” stands for “old news bro,” it’s typically used to dismiss or indicate that something being discussed is not current or relevant anymore. It says the topic has already been discussed or is no longer enjoyable.




On Bro./outward nose breath./old news bro.

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On Bro.

Old News Bro

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Examples of ONB

“On Bro” Meaning Examples

  • Example 1: Sports Event
    Friend 1: “I’m feeling nervous about the game tonight.”
    Friend 2: “You’ve trained hard for this! ONB, you’ve got this!😊”
  • Example 2: Exam Preparation
    Student 1: “I’m so stressed about the upcoming exam.”
    Student 2: “You’ve studied all week!📚ONB, you’re going to ace it!”
  • Example 3: Job Interview
    Friend 1: “I have a big job interview tomorrow.”
    Friend 2: “You’re qualified and prepared!💼 ONB, you’ll impress them!”

” Meaning Examples

  1. “Did you see the cat trying to chase its own tail? ONB! 🤣”
  2. “ONB! Look at that dog trying to play the piano! 🎹”
  3. “ONB, I accidentally put salt instead of sugar in my coffee! 😅”

” Meaning Examples

  1. “ONB, didn’t you know Steve and Darren broke up ages ago? 💁‍♂️”
  2. “ONB, they announced the sequel last year. Keep up! 🎬”
  3. “You’re still talking about the season finale? ONB! 😆”
  4. “ONB, I’m over the drama. Let’s talk about something else. 🙄”

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